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The demand for energy is increasing day by day in the world. Humans are constantly using energy but are not taking any steps to recycle this energy. The supply of energy differs from each energy source (petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, renewable energy, and electricity). Recent research has shown that gasoline cost is 25 % higher than two years back. The gas station is worried about running out of gas but no one is taking any urgent action to prevent this energy from running out. After providing energy service you can prevent energy wastage.

Energy services you will get at home

We are constantly using energy. so it is necessary to know what kind of energy services we can get at our home.


Natural gas

Heating oil



Geothermal energy

Solar energy

Renewable Energy

Among them, electricity and natural gas are the most used for energy services.

Why is energy as a service necessary?

To make our life comfortable and easier IbuyrON provides us with energy service. By providing this service we can increase the demand for energy, better management of energy, make use of utilization, sustainable and cost-effective energy.

What are the uses of energy as a service?

Solar energy: solar energy is radiant and heat from the sun. The sun is an extremely powerful energy source, and sunlight is by far the largest source of energy received by the earth, but its intensity at the earth's surface is actually quite low. The reason for the low intensity on Earth is that 54 percent of the light radiation that comes radially from the distant Sun is absorbed or scattered by the Earth's atmosphere or clouds. The light that reaches Earth from the Sun is 50 percent visible light, 45 percent infrared light, a small amount of ultraviolet and other forms of electromagnetic.

Thermal energy: flat-plate collectors are the most common devices that use to capture solar energy and convert it into thermal energy which is used for solar energy applications. The intensity of solar radiation at the earth's surface earth is very low, these collectors must be large in area. Flat-plate collectors consist of a black metal plate covered with 2 glass sheets which are heated by solar heat and the heat is transferred to water or air called the carrier fluid. this method is most commonly used for solar water heaters and house heating. Heat tanks are usually used for storing hot water during sunny days to store heat at night or on cloudy days. such a system can supply at home with hot water and can provide space heating. flat-plate collectors typically heat carrier fluid at temperatures 66 to 93-degree celsius ( 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit). Depending on the design of the collectors, The efficiency of such collectors ranges from 20 to 80 percent.